American Dream in Europe - Chevrolet Camaro

Muscular car that has so far offered only market in North America, will be launched in Europe. The model which will surely cause many respects the streets will be offered with 6.2 liter V8 engine with 432 hp (405 hp with automatic transmission), sufficient for the hundred grand sprint of 5.2 seconds, and imagine there will be priced at 38,900 euros and 43,900 euros per convertible (may vary depending on taxes in the country)!

Chevrolet, wanting to satisfy customers in the European market, even worked on tuning the undercarriage of the pharmacy in Nurburgring, as it would allow for dynamic driving and cornering (Amerkancite prefer burning tires on the way).

Certainly, consumption will be low (14.1 liters on average for manual, 13.1 for the automatic transmission), but it is logical - American muscle has always demanded a lot of protein.

In fact, despite what brings many of the culture of America, Camaro can seriously assert the market purely for sports car enthusiasts, especially as super cheap and affordable. If you think, Camaro V8 is only 10 thousand euros more expensive than well-equipped compact athlete, or a penny more expensive than the Ford Focus RS for example!


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