Rival the Audi A3 from Gothenburg - Volvo V40

Here are the top two unofficial photos of the new generation model of Volvo, V40, which appeared on the Internet thanks to the Swedish-Polish cooperation. The unnamed source from Sweden sent pictures to the magazine's editors Motodziennik ...The design of avotmobilot send designer lines of most V60. Main features of the car is compact, sporty and dynamic line, which is expected from new cars to Volvo. V40 is Volvo's representative in the lower-middle-class compact, which is currently the undisputed Audi A3 Sportback.

Caravan performance will be slightly shorter than the present model, V50. Although not officially confirmed, it is clear that the V40 will be the successor model V50, which is produced from 2005. Later will be produced S40 sedan, the successor of the unusual C30, and speculation about compact crossover XC40, based precisely on V40.


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